Book Therapy

Book Therapy – bookshop
Book Therapy – bookshop
Book Therapy – bookshop
Book Therapy – bookshop
Book Therapy – bookshop

Římská 35
120 00 Prague 2

Opening hours
Mon–Fri: 12.00–20.00
Sat: 11.00–17.00
Our story

The husband and wife team Petra and Jiří Caudrovi founded the bookshop Book Therapy based on the idea that books are the best medicine for uplifting the spirit and ideal for relaxing.

Each title is carefully and personally chosen by Petra and Jiří. You’ll find the best of Czech literature, a wide variety of topics like interior design, architecture, fashion, food and travel, plus many children’s and young adult books.

Book Therapy recognizes its customers are creative and well-travelled. Book Therapy provides the best of form and content, furnishes a calm, peaceful space, and employs knowledgeable, friendly staff that can help you find the right title of book or magazine.

The bookstore Book Therapy stocks hard-to-find magazines, exclusive titles, and popular fashion, marketing, and beauty publications from around the world—everything the distinguished and discerning reader needs can be found here.

Book Therapy husband and wife team Caudrovi also own Lípa Store. Lípa Store is located in the heart of Prague and provides top-quality, Czech products.

99–5 000 CZK
Diaries, greeting cards ...
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