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Qubus Design Gallery | galerie Praha
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Qubus Design Gallery | galerie Praha
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Rámová 3
110 00 Prague

Opening hours
Mon–Sat: 11.00–19.00
Sun: Closed
Our story

If you like contemporary design combined with traditional Czech media (Czech glass and porcelain), you’ll love Qubus Design Gallery. Founders Jakub Berdych Karpelise and Maxim Velčovský built Qubus Design Gallery in 2002, and have everything you need to accessorize your home. You’ll find interior decorations and award-winning home accessories like Vases and Table Lamps, and even custom-designed jewelry.

Jakub Berdych (co-founder), specializes in using Czech glass and porcelain, has earned international appeal, and Maxim Velčovský (co-founder), has served as the Head of the Department of Ceramic and Porcelain at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague.

Qubus Design Gallery, proud partner with BOMMA and Křehký, has won awards for Czech Scene, Interior Designs, and Presentation of Art Design from the prestigious Czech Grand Design Awards in both 2015 and 2016. Qubus Design Gallery has been nominated more than ten times since 2008 for various design awards.

Jakub Berdych Karpelise, Maxim Velčovký and others under brand Qubus have created designs using glass and porcelain, including the famous bowl “Republic,” candlestick “Josifek,” and contemporary jewelry. Dox by Qubus is the newest addition to the Qubus brand and can be found in the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Prague, CZ.


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