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Braasi Industry – backpack
Braasi Industry – backpack
Braasi Industry – backpack
Braasi Industry – backpack
Braasi Industry – backpack

Dělnická 67a
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic

Opening hours
Mon–Fri: 10.00–15.00
Our story

From biking to hiking, in the city or out in the wild, Braasi Industry has you covered. Braasi Industry designs, develops, and delivers active gear that fits your active life. The simplicity of the 1980’s climbing equipment inspires every hat, jacket, and backpack Braasi Industry creates.

Braasi Industries was founded in 2010 by Eliška and Šimon, architects who first met at university in Liberec where they designed their first backpacks for their own personal use. Interest grew quickly, and they expanded both their workshop and their team.

Braasi Industry uses top-of-the-line Czech-made textiles, high-quality YKK components from Japan, and world-renown Italian leather. 100% cotton, Italian cow-hide, and military-grade, waterproof Cordura 1100D give every Braasi Industry product a naturally-aging veneer and a waterproof interior that makes every item beautiful and durable.

Braasi Industry prides itself on quality products and production, unique design, and fair-trade practices, and because of these high standards Braasi brand is beloved at home and around the world.

Braasi Industry workshop in Prague Holešovice doubles as a stylish showroom ideal for creating custom-made items perfectly suited for your tastes. The showroom and workshop are open daily from 10 AM to 3 PM.

800–5 000 CZK
Corporate merchandising
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