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SmetanaQ, 1st floor, Smetanovo nábřeží 4
110 00 Praha
Czech Republic

Opening hours
Wed–Fri: 13.00–19.00
Sat: 11:00–18:00
Our story

Found right on the Smetana Embankment, the SmetanaQ is at the heart of Prague’s culture and design center. Featuring an umbrella café and gallery, SmetanaQ Showroom and Design studios sits alongside Deelive Design Store. The Studios and Showroom, based on the first floor, displays the best of what’s created within these studios. You’ll find fashion, fashion accessories, backpacks, handbags, shoes, and jewelry here.

SmetanaQ Studios are open to the public where you’re invited to come meet designers and see their work in progress. In the Showroom, opened in autumn 2019, you can browse and purchase finished products.

SmetanaQ Showroom features popular shoe and accessory brands SHOEDAISM and Fernando Echeverria; handbags and jewelry designers Jany Rollo; timeless and luxurious handmade handbacks by Denisa Adolfová, unisex travel bags ANNALAB; backpack designs by NAUT; and city backpacks and leather handbags by KRAS.

In the Showroom you’ll find fashion designers ODIVI (year-round availability); Unisex designer HANA FRISONSOVA (distinctive silhouettes and prints); fashion by Daniela Pešková (luxurious and sophisticated); and clothing designs by KAFKA (minimalist fashions for everyday living). 

The jewelry designs shift between object art and concept art. You’ll find elegant curves and knot jewelry, typical of Hana Polívková;  architecture-inspired and futuristic-style furniture by Kateřina Reich; and the organic morphology typical of Marie Kobelová, all of whose creations are inspired by their life experiences.

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