Illustrations & graphics
PageFive – bookstore, prints and posters
PageFive – bookstore, prints and posters
PageFive – bookstore, prints and posters

Veverkova 5
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic

Opening hours
Mon–Fri: 10.00–19.00
Sat–Sun: 11.00–16.00
Our story

Designer František Kast and visual artist Štěpán Soukup established the bookstore and publishing house PageFive in 2013. They began building a creative space for selling and producing art books, prints, posters, and magazines, connecting an up-and-coming generation of bookbinders, printers, graphic illustrators and writers.

PageFive has received several awards including, The Most Beautiful Czech Book and Store of the Year from Czech Grand Design 2016.

PageFive implements a wide range of the latest self-publishing technologies including digital, offset printers, handmade silkscreen, and Japanese Risograph techniques.

PageFive publishes the illustration Lustr where you can see the year’s best trade news regarding the world of books and illustrations in Prague. You’ll get news on over a hundred contemporary artists.

PageFive has another shop located in the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning. This store offers books about visual art, design, and architecture. If you prefer posters and prints, visit the main branch store at Veverkova street in Prague 7.

30–3 500 CZK
Publishing house, graphic design, Risograph technique
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